Lester DeVoe is among the most in-demand flamenco guitar makers alive today, and currently has a waiting list of several years. He has been building for over 35 years, and his guitars have been played by Paco de Lucia, Vicente Amigo and Sabicas. He builds in the style of the old masters, creating punchy guitars that are as light as a feather (similar in weight to a great Barbero or Santos). Perhaps the main reason Lester Devoe’s guitars are played by so many professionals, is their superb playability and balance. Perfect balance in string tension, across strings and up the fretboard. Picado releases instantly and with confirmation, even when crossing strings. Intonation is also perfect, all the way up the neck. Action is low and extremely playable. Neck profile is beautiful, workmanship as well. This Devoe is wonderful to look at: superb wood choice as usual, one of his rarer Santos rosettes, and rarer still, an added herringbone purfling around the body. It’s also one of the more flamenco sounding negras of his we’ve experienced.

Guitar will be available in May 2020.

  • Type: Klassisk gitar
  • Top: Stika gran eller cedar solid
  • Bunn / sider: solid Rosewood, kan leveres med flere Rosewood sorter
  • Skala: 650mm
  • Oversadel: 52mm
  • Bro: Rosewood
  • Gripebrett: Ebony
  • Hals: Cedar
  • Finish: høy glans
  • Inkl.: Koffert

145.000.- Kr.