Otto Vowinkel was born in Amsterdam where he started making his first guitars in 1984. While at the beginning he was mainly inspired and motivated by the book ‘Classic Guitar Construction’ by Irving Sloane, he soon designed his own models, which reflected his preference for traditionally built guitars.In 1989 he met Dutch guitar maker Alex ‘Alejandro’ van der Horst (1959-2009) with whom he started working on a regular basis. They shared their ideas about ‘the ideal guitar‘ : a flexible tone, a quick response and the quality of the sound as the carrier of volume. Nowadays Otto Vowinkel is a household name in the classical guitar world; a master luthier with a strong preference for traditionally built instruments and with customers all over the world.His guitars are sold to clients all over the world. Among others, Vowinkel guitars are played by classical guitarists like the Amsterdam guitar trio, Sanel Redzic, Denis Azabagic, Tariq Harb and George Sakkelariou. Also within the jazz and tango scene Vowinkel guitars are appreciated and highly valued by guitarists like Leonardo Amuedo, Ernesto Snajer, Nelson Faria and Julio Cobelli. Otto Vowinkel was born and raised by a family of tailors in the old centre of Amsterdam.
The unique rosette design features the motif found in the flag for the city of Amsterdam. The headstock is carved in the style of the facade of his workshop.

  • Type:Klassisk gitar
  • Top: Stika gran ellet cedar solid
  • Bunn / sider: Indian Rosewood solid
  • Gripebrett: Ebony
  • Hals: Cedar
  • Bredde på sadel: 52mm
  • Skala: 650mm
  • Bro: Rosewood
  • Mekanikk: Alessi
  • Opprinnelse: Nederland
  • Finish: french polish
  • Strenger: Augustine blue basses and Hannabach 815 trebles, high tension.
  • Inkl.: Koffert

130.000,- Kr.